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Life is better colorful
so paint it with awesomeness
hawaii five-0 20in20 
14th-Mar-2011 05:05 pm
Sir Leon/Knights
It's about time I post some new icons! So there we go - 20 icons for h50_20in20 which is an awesome community you should check out!
Did I mention how obsessed I am with this show? No? Well, I am. Pretty damn much obsessed. Btw this is the best fandom I've ever seen - there is absolutely NO hate ANYWHERE. Just love for the show. It's perfect!

So here we go...



- please credit flupf if use/take
- comments are love!
- textless icons are NO bases!
- please don't hotlink!
- enjoy ;D

See the rest of them here at zauberkuenstler  ;D
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